Monday, January 18, 2010

...(I) Miss Your Air.

In case you need to know and currently do not know, Mr. Hare will be showing the all new AW10 collection
"(I) Miss Your Air. "
in Paris from Jan 21st to Jan 28th.

For appointments contact


Michael K said...

I am looking forward to pre-order a pair of Tan Capotes imminently.
As much as I pine for a warmer climate and hazy summer days, reading this actually continues to make me excited for what the end of the year will bring too!
All the best for this upcoming fashion week.

Tom said...

Congratulations in advance to your AW10 collection. I am a big fan. I finally got myself a Stingray Orwell, and I love it! Thank you for making it as it is truly a piece of art. I love how you think about all the minute details that create a big impact on the overall design of your shoes. Your SS10 is also fantastic. Wish I had all the funds to buy them all. :-)

couillesduchien said...

Hey, hope it goes well! x