Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bootsy Callings!

I was reading Stevie Salvages boot piece yesterday in which he highlights some of the best boots currently available to consumer kind, so today I thought I would highlight some of the more flagrant styles I have come across.

Wader Moment! Ricky @ Oki-ni
Margiela Motobeakers (Did you see what I did there?) at Oki-Ni
Ikitabi Ninja boots. Don't mess.
A.coba.It Cordovan Trekking Lace boot at Oki-ni

Damir Doma wallet boots

Victor & Rolf from the French shoe porn channel

KVA from The Corner

1 comment:

BigHatDino said...

Flocked boots? Whomever wears them is going to look like their footwear has contracts mange after a bit of wear! :)

Do like the ninja slippers, way awesome :)

For current boots I quite like the look of the adidas x Ransom Dunes, the hybrid offspring of desert boots and trainers, which makes them awesome :)