Thursday, September 24, 2009

Group Hug...uuuhhhhhhh!


How sharp are those trousers?

I have kicked myself once a day, every day since last March when I had the opportunity to order a 'Rattus Rattus' jumper from Sibling direct and for some reason I was otherwise engaged. Two two's I reckon the SS one might work better for me.

I would rock this with Orwells.

Blue Suedes.

Blue Suedes.

Red suedes.
Black Levans.

Anything I want with a hoodie that ill.

Holler! White Suede King Tubby.

Give me those trousers!

Gimme those Cazals, Those black velvet, gold studded louboutin slippers and one of everything for my baby.

London Fucken Rocks!

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