Friday, May 22, 2009


Mr. Hare has been watching the rise of the Saddle shoe as it has crept back into shoe consciousness over the last two seasons but only this, Lodgers shoe of the month this month, has got me springlike. Mr. Hare also had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nathan Brown, Managing Director of Lodger wen I visited the store in Clifford Street. Mr. Brown is a shoe guy, just like Mr. Hare. We both get excited by construction and playing with the classic rules of shoe thinking. I strongly urge you to check out his operation.Mr. Hare is not a convert to the whole manbag thing despite having some very close blogging friends who are classified protagonists. After all, I have pockets for that shit.
But this little mantote thing from Prada could easily out me.

Speaking of stuff to go in my pockets... MMM! C.R.E.A.M Get the money! Dollar Dollar bills y'all!
Everyone knows that YSL is my Nizzle and like I was saying before, I am not really that type of guy but as an overnight hand baggage deal I could fit adequate shoes and aparel in here to get a hustler through a bank holiday.

Back in the days when Mr. Hare was a young Buck he used to work for Joe Casely Hayford so Mr. Hare is well aware of the mans divine powers of style. Joe was the slickest brother I ever met in the flesh. Maria his wife was a force of nature. Now they are joined at the family biz by little Charlie CH who seems to have re invigorated a little spring in the old man's step. These are possibly the coolest loafers I have seen this year and I wish I had designed them myself.
If you are reading this Joe, Charlie, Maria...we should hook up!


Clint said...

Not into totes either, but damn, that Prada one is nice. Good find on the loafers too.

Ryan said...

Cash Rules Everything Around Me! Thanks for the add BTW!